<p>Usual and unusual ingredients as well as grains and milling</p>

Laucke Wallaby Flour in Sydney

Hi All, As of Monday 10th Sept 2007, Coles Leichhardt (in Norton Plaza) had in stock plain wallaby flour and also their bread mix...

Bulk flour in Melbourne less than 4 bags?

Does anyone know where to get fair price bulk (assorted types) flour in Melbourne I say 4 bags no less please? I had a good...

Oven peel

Gday Im looking to buy an oven peel here in Australia, the only peel I can find is TMB in the states. Can anyone help? Thanks


Perth - where to buy good quality flour?

I would be grateful if anyone knows where to buy good flour in Perth, preferably in the western suburbs. I have recently moved to...


Course gritty cornmeal

Hi all I'm having some trouble trying to obtain some gritty cornmeal for a mixed grain loaf. Can anybody help please Happy baking...

Bakers Table

Does anyone knows the type of wood used on a bakers table top?and whether it is oiled or not ?

Strong/Bread flour supplier in Sydney (East Suburbs)?

Hi Can anybody give me advice on where to get strong flours and other breadmaking ingredients in Sydney (hopefully Eastern...


Laucke Wallaby Flour.

Some of you may recall the battle with Coles last year regarding stocking of Wallaby Flour. They stocked it for me up untill Xmas...


Single row moulder

While googling for a "Single row moulder" for the tractor I came across this web page [url=


thermometer for proving box.

Gday Peeps, Making myself a proving box and I am having problems getting an accurate thermometer in the correct temperature...