<p>Usual and unusual ingredients as well as grains and milling</p>

Commercial supply of grains

Hello everyone, I was hopeing that some one could recommend a good supplier of whole grains for milling and bread production in...

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Buying flour in Melbourne

Can anyone tell me where might be good to buy bulk organic flour in Melbourne. I am particularly after Rye, Spelt (white and...


Buying a Grain Mill

Hello, I am thinking of buying a grain mill for my breadmaking and would like to have as much information, tips, advice etc...


Milling wheat

Hello. I am new to this site & hopping to get some help with my bread making, We have been buying our wheat from Roberts PTY...


Hard Wheat Flour

Hi all, Just wondering if anybody knows where I can get good quality Hard wheat flour near me I live on the NSW Central Coast. I...

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buying flour online for delivery to Ireland

Hi everyone, does anyone know of a flour supplier who will deliver to Ireland? thanks

Bread tins

Hi, My son just bought me two spread of 3 bakers loaf tins at the shop at Bendigo tip - $3 each! They must be from a bakery that...

Baking Sheets

Anybody got baking sheet recommendations? I'm having trouble finding one which doesn't warp or twist at 240-250 C degrees...


Organic Unbleached Flour in Brisbane

Hi All, I'm on Brisbane's northside, does anyone out there know where I can get unbleached organic white and rye flours that are...


Northern Ireland

I'm finding it hard to get interesting flours in Northern Ireland... I can get Dove's Farm flour from the supermarket which is a...