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Is there any real advantage is using lames to slash dough? They are not a big investment I know, but they are really just sticks to hold a razor blade. I have had no trouble using a good sharp utility knife wiped with olive oil. It works fine, but perhaps I am missing something??

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panfresca 2011 October 19

Whatever works for you, for sure. 

In my experience, it's the thinness of a razor blade plus its sharpness (for a fresh blade) which gives it the edge (ahem). Those qualities really only come into their own at the wetter end of dough hydration though.

I have a very sharp Japanese made bread knife which I often use if the dough is slightly lower hydration.

andrewd 2011 October 20

If you don't want to buy a lame, try creating a handle for your razor blade by wrapping half of it in electrical tape. Just make sure you have somewhere safe to store it.


That's the advantage of a lame - it makes the whole thing less likely to get lost.


Or just stick with your knife. Like panfresca said, it's what works for you.



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farinam 2011 October 27

Hello Zhiem,

I have used heavy duty cable tie (piece of) in the past.  I currently use a bamboo skewer (piece of) with a Wilkinson Sword razor blade (the double edged ones with the fancy holes down the centre.  Threading the 'handle' into the slots/holes puts a nice curve on the blade as well that seems to help maintain a suitable angle of attack.


azélia 2011 October 28

Zhiem - I used a small serrated knife for over a year and only in the last few months bought myself a razor.  The advantage in a razor is making round or curve slashes.

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