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Sourdough back online - server fixed

Sourdough Companion was offline for approximately 24 hours due to a server malfunction in the USA. The site is up again!...


Unlocking the Digital Marketing Potential of Noida

Introduction: Noida is a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and is a hub for many businesses and industries. The...

Sourdough Re-launched!

Yes it's that time again when new features emerge and things change. Sourdough Companion is now just Sourdough. Please use the...

forum software

i visit from time to time as as much there is few things that are really cool about the whole site and how it is...


long threads

Please Mr/Ms Moderator Some of the threads are very long, and getting longer! Is there an easy way to locate the new posts in a...

No newsletter for 3 months

Hi, I've not had a newsletter for close to 3 months, yet I have not unsubcribed or cancelled anything ..... any idea's? Gingazz.


Does this site have a policy on spam? There seems to be more and more of it. Is anyone getting rid of it? Just asking. John


Looking for a US moderator

We are seeking someone who's really nice, warm and friendly, to moderate the site during American hours (anywhere in the US or CA...

An update

I've just re-styled the appearance of pages and comments. I hope you guys like it. Please let me know if you are experiencing any...

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Need to stop emails. Help!

I'm beyond busy with wedding cakes just now and don't need the updates from the forums in my mailbox. Can anyone help me turn...