<p>Usual and unusual ingredients as well as grains and milling</p>

To KazaKhan

Thanks for the lead to Bibina, went there today and got 5Kg rye flour, looks and smells good to me. Its a 95K round trip for me...

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Baking Peel

Can someone advise a mail-order supplier of a short-hadle oven peel?

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Sourdough Beanie Hats

Hi Everyone, shameless plug here. I have some Sourdough Beanies on my site if anyone is interested. Thanks, Teresa [url]http://...

bread to acidic?

Yesterday my sourdough bread turned out too acidic. I had let it prove the first rise for about 5 hours. Is this too long? I have...

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Sourdough bread made from freshly ground wholewheat?

If you make sourdough from freshly milled flour could you please let us know here? We have a recent enquiry from someone who is...



Hi. I looked for the Demeter starter in Glebe Sydney but they have dissapeared. Does eny ony know where I can source same . Brian


rye & other flours

Hi, i'm quite new to Melbourne. It's been quite hard for me to find for rye flour and other types of non-wheat flour , including...



I am looking for a single arm mixer, Thorobred brand or similar for use in my small sourdough bakery.if you know of one available...

Sour Dough Bakers wholesale supply in QLD

Hi there! Just wondering if any of you 'sour dough connissers' know of a good wholesale bakery in QLD (besides Sol Breads?) We...

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Where can you get good bread flour in Melbourne?

Anyone have suggestions on where to buy quality bread flour in Melbourne without having to pay an arm and a leg for it? I have...