Equipment for the proving of 'bread-sticks'

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 I have recently started to make bread-sticks much like the Italian Grossini.  For proving the 'sticks' I lay them out side by side on greaseproof paper that I have creased into section (e.g. like a fan) so that the dough does not spread out as it tends to do if not contained in some way.  After proofing I then put the greaseproof paper onto an oven tray and put in the oven to bake.  This works very well but is very laborious.  I wondered if anyone new of any sort of baking equipment e.g. those that are used for baking baguettes only something narrower or if anyone has any other ideas on similar equipment.

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farinam 2011 November 28

Hello Aurora,

It's been a long time since I did this but as I recall I used a fairly firm dough (low hydration - don't remember what it was) and just laid the dough 'strings' out on a greased tray to prove.  Baked in a hot oven.  Also was using yeasted recipe.

Now that you have reminded me, I must try it again using sourdough.



annel 2011 November 28

I found this website recently and thought I might buy the trays the author of the site uses and give them a go. You prove and then bake them on the same tray. Her website is


Under the instructions for making homemade French Baguettes, click on the "this pan", which is in red font. This goes to an Amazon site that sells the pans. They are currently out of stock but a google search will show other sites that sell them.




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Aurora56 2012 January 8

 Thank you both for the replies.

In the end I had success by using non-stick baking parchment, which I fluted into a fan-shape, then laid out the little sticks inside the folds of the parchment which I had already placed on a big baking tray.  I covered them with cling-film and retarded overnight in fridge and baked the next morning.  The sticks were only the width of an index finger so only took about 15-mins to bake and were light and fluffy with plenty of little holes running through them.  

Anne - loved that website you quoted. What beautiful photography.





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