Where am i going wrong?



Over the past month or 2 i've been trying to bake white sourdough loaves, but failing 90% of the time.

My liquid starter is 100% and passes the float test.

I use

450g Strong White flour, 380g Water, 120g starter and 12g Salt. So 80% hydration

I mix the water, flour and starter for 15 minutes the left for 30 minutes, then the salt is added and mix again.

I then bulk fermention for 5 hours stretching and the dough every 30 minutes.

I then shape the dough and place into the bannenton for 24 hours in the fridge.

The bread is baked in a dutch oven for 30 minutes and the 20 minutes without the lid.

The bread comes out very flat, with a dense crumb.

Any advice?



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Laz0685 2017 January 15

Hi Nathan,

It is possible your dough is overproofed since the second rise is 24 hours in the fridge. Try shortening this time to 8-12 hours. You may try switching recipes and using a dough with a lower hydration. It is more forgiving. Don't lose heart. I churned out about 10 bricks before I had an edible loaf..that was 3 years ago and now I rarely have a loaf not turn out.

Kind Regards,


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LeadDog 2017 January 16

The dough is at 84% hydration.  I would try for something around 70% hydration.  High Hydration doughs can be a bit a of challenge.

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farinam 2017 January 17

Hello Nathan95,

LeadDog is right, that is a very high hydration, particularly for a beginner.  I actually calculate it at 86% (including the starter) but let's not quibble.  I would suggest that you reduce the water to 300g or increase the flour to 550g which will bring you down to a reasonable hydration.

Lisa is also correct to advise not to give up as it sometimes does take a while to 'get the feel' and make 'good' bread though it would be rare that anything is completely inedible.

Good luck with your projects.


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