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Hi, my name is Paula. I just purchased a bread making machine. 

I am allergic to all wheat products. But fine with spelt. 

Problem is that all the recipes say I need bread improver, but the problem is that I can't get one that contains no wheat. 

Dose anyone out there have any recipes that I can try? Prefer not just gluten free as its a little heavy for my digestion. I like oat bread and sour dough bread. But I can no longer buy it here. Very small country town in Australia. Please include other types of breads like *cheese and bacon, fruit breads and dessert breads. Thanks again .

look forward from hearing from anyone. 

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farinam 2016 May 27

Hello Paula,

You can make perfectly fine bread without 'improver' so I would just leave it out. 

The majority of the ones that I have seen are mostly sugar, calcium carbonate (limestone) and calcium sulphate (gypsum) with wheat flour, soy flour and traces of other stuff that I think actually do the work.  The bulk of the stuff is just filler so that you add a 'reasonable' quantity (tablespoon full) to get the required 'dose' of the minor stuff.  One of the main ones is ascorbic acid (sometimes incorrectly called vitamin C) so if you did want to add something a small pinch of that would probably suffice.

Unfortunately, I don't have any recipes to impart but if you search on here and other bread-making sites, I am sure you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Good luck with your projects.


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