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Hi All! Newbie here. I'm confident your advice will be that I simply need to persist and this activity (or lack thereof!) with my starter is perfectly normal... Day 4 with 'Trevor'. After 3 days of awesome activity - bubbling, rising, lovely sour smell. Feeding once a day. Trevor has now become dormant. Last night he tripled and spewed out of his jar. This morning I cleaned him up, threw some of him away (bar 100gms) fed him 100gms each flour and water and popped him back in his seemingly favorite spot in the kitchen and...... Nothing. Nada. Zip. Trev is just sitting sadly on the bench. A small amount of bubbles. A sour note to his person. But nothing else. Will Trevor survive?? Thanks, Eliza
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Brewcat 2018 May 4
Sounds to me that it's doing fine.What kind of flour are you using? I guess you can add a little apple juice the next time you feed it if you're worried. Yeast is pretty hard to kill unless you boil it or something.
blossie 2018 May 5
Thanks Brewcat! Am using plain old 00 tipo. I had considered going down the juice route. I might also feed Trev twice a day till we get back on track.

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