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Hi, I am new to this (1 1/2 months ago was given my starter) made some lovely loaves of bread, but then we went away for 9 days, starter was fed and put in the fridge. Since coming back, I have fed it and it seems to be doing what it is suppose to until I bake the bread. The rise time is very slow and then it seems to flop in the oven, today it actually burnt in the oven (same temperature, same quantities, etc.) My starter doubles in volume  4-6 hours after feeding, looks healthy and smells healthy. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Should I discard my starter and start again, or can I somehow revive this one to its former glory? TIA.

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Paul H 2017 April 14

I agree with the comments earlier re proving, the leaven sounds fine. you may want to consider whether you have kneaded enough to develop the gluten

Doughbie 2017 April 14

Hi , Thanks for the advice, I changed my flour and she is now a happy camper. 

I fed my starter 2x a day, 100g flour mixed with 100g water.


Janet Bryan 2017 May 17

i had this problem recently. I threw away a fair bit of the starter and added a cup of flour and a cup of water making the new flour to starter ratio higher than normal. Then let it rest in the fridge for a day, then made my bread as normal. It seemed to fix the problem.

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