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Good day All,

Very new to the whole scene, but a quick question on the best way to preserve a starter culture in the long term.

From extensive reading, I understand both the "fridge and occasional feeds" and the "dry and store" versions, but with my background as a chemist and food scientist, I was wondering whether storing the air dried starter at deep freeze temperatures might be the best way for long term storage?

I would vakue it if anyone knowledgeable could comment on this?

Many thanks


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alchemist1959 2017 January 4

I keep dried starter as a backup in the fridge and the freezer. There is no noticable difference even after a year.  A leftover ball of dough can be stored in a jar with salt for 6 months. I make fresh back ups about once a year because my culture is from a specific local. Starter will evolve into your local enviroment if it gets enough exposure.



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