How do I double my SD starter so I can bake more breads


I have a starter that I add 100g of wheat flour and 125 g of warm water to after taking out half each day. I want to increase it so I can get 4 cups of it to make a batch of bread. How do I increase its size withoyt killing it? What is the feeding schedule? Thanks in advance

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farinam 2017 August 5

Hello idupres,

You could just increase the quantity that you add or feed it without discarding.

You certainly won't 'kill' it by giving it extra food.  Have a read of the Beginners Turorials that you can access from the Home Page here and that gives you some good info on managing your starter after you have it established.  Once you starter is mature and stable you don't really need to be discarding and feeding every day, particularly if you keep it in the fridge.

Good luck with your projects.


iduhpres 2017 August 5


thanks. I will just add to it now that is indeed mature until I get enough to do the baking I want to do. I appreciate the reponse. Happy baking.


yozzause 2017 October 14

you can triple the size of your starter culture every 8 hours 100g flour 100g water 100g culture =300g 8 hours later 300 + 300 +300 = 900 8 hours later 900 +900 +900 = 2700 thats the way it can be built up, you determine how much you are going to require and work back from there.


Julie Duncan 2021 February 2

I make a sourdough sweet bread and I doubled the receipe in the jar.

3/4  Cup of Sugar

3 Tablespoons of Potato Flakes

1 Cup of warm water

If I double the recipe do I double the feed when its time to feed it in 3 days?


Thank You !   Julie



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