Dough goes flat in final fermentation


My bread loafs fall flat when they enter the fementation chamber.I cant figure out why!


12 kg t-550 flour

6 liters of water at 27 celsius(50%)

240g of compressed yeast(2%)

240g of salt(2%)

35g of additive (ascorbic acid,enzymes...) (0.3%)

Do you think something is wrong with the recipe or is it the mixing process?

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farinam 2018 April 15

Hello Vivek45,

The usual reason for dough collapsing is that it has been over-proofed and the gluten structure developed during kneading has broken down and lost its ability to hold the gas in the bubbles in the dough.

On the figures that you have given, the hydration seems to be on the low side at only 50%.  70%, I would think, would be a more 'normal' sort of level which would mean about 8.5l of water for that amount of flour.  The amount might need adjusting a little depending on the quality and type of flour.

But, really, it is what happend to the dough after mixing that is probably the determining factor and more details (particularly timing) of your dough preparation and development, loaf shaping and proving, as well as baking, would help people to be more specific about what might be going wrong.

Good luck with your projects.


yozzause 2018 April 15

Hi Vivek45

Thats a goodly size batch that you are knocking up there,presumably commercially. As Farinam has suggested you havent told us what is happening after you have finished the mix, its a fairly straight forward dough and bulk fermentation would be relatively short. 

35g of additive (ascorbic acid,enzymes...) (0.3%) There are quite a few different ones out there presumably this is the recommended rate for a Timed dough and not an Instant dough that doesnt require a bulk fermentation period.   

I thought the water was a bit on the low side too but i havent used t-550 flour.

Kind regards Derek

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