Wood-Fired Bread: Italian Style

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 This may be of general interest. Two Calabrian immigrant sisters have been baking bread and pizza out of a brick oven in a corrugated-iron and timber shed in Griffith Australia. They bake about 30 loaves a day by hand. This is hard work for these elder women. Inspiring story of love and care for their families and community.



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Anonymous 2016 June 4

I remember this video showing the sisters baking bread in a wood fired oven....What happened to the link?  Linky no worky!  :)

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sdevo 2018 July 19

Broken link because of budget cuts to IT department.

Link now at - 


on SBS.com programs "Australia Food lovers guide to Australia"

Or search

Food-Lovers-Guide-To-Australia-S2-Ep3-Food-Lovers lovers guide to Australia, Series 2, Ep 3, at 14.38 minutes.

Broken link because of budget cuts to IT department.

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