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Hi everyone, I'm new to this sourdough caper, but have been hand making bread for about 18 mths now (a veteran ha ha). I have followed the beginners' blog, "a starter from scratch", everything is going well, I'm up to day 9. When my starter is ready what is the next step? Any recipe tips would be terrific, but remember I'm new to the whole sourdough process, so I guess what I'm after is a fairly detailed account of how to proceed. Thanks
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TeckPoh 2008 June 10
Great to hear you've got a viable starter going. You've already got a head-start since you bake with baker's yeast. I would say for sourdough baking, it's definitely a plus if you have a lively starter, and, the dough just needs to be handled more gently, that's all. This thread should help you on your way. Have fun!


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