What are sharps?

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I was at my local wholesaler recently, and they had bags of "flour sharps".  Is this just bran?  Can someone please explain to me what they are, and how they are used? They were mentioned in one of the bakery videos here, from memory, as something they used to flour the bannetons before rising the dough?

Thanks, Celia
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Danubian 2008 July 29
I'm not familiar with the term "sharps" in reference to flour milling. Perhaps it's a term that's has been imported from another industry that found its way into popular food literature in reference to a coarse flour such as semolina. I can't be sure but this is the first time I've heard anyone referring to a mill product as a "sharps".

In the milling jargon I'm familiar with "bran" - the outer fibreous layer of cereal berries -  is referred to as "bran". However, fine bran particles are called "pollard".
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celia 2008 July 30


One of the bakers on the Milawa video that Graham took mentions it.  There were big large flour bags full of it at the wholesaler.  One of my milling friends told me it's mainly a fine semolina which bakers use to mark their loaves, so your hunch is probably right! :)

Will let you know if I find out any more...

Thanks, Celia

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