Brother Juniper's Bread Book

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Has anybody "Brother Juniper's Bread Book" written by Peter Reinhart? It is from Nov 2005 and has 208 pages, but only 30 recipes. I was a bit
taken aback to find that it is supposedly a mix of religion and bread baking?
Would $20 secondhand be a good price?

The description says:

This classic guide to artisanal bread is back with a fresh new look, just in time to take advantage of the recent surge in popularity of at-home baking.

As an award-winning baker and member of a religious brotherhood, Peter Reinhart skillfully blends the two aspects of his life in this eloquent guide to creating wonderful bread.
More than 30 delicious recipes, from perfect white bread to pumpernickel and corn, will appeal to both the novice and experienced baker.

Reinhart?s graceful commentary accompanies readers every step of the way, and illustrates how the artistry of baking, especially using the slow-rise method, is a metaphor for a purposeful life driven by service and charity.

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chuckwagon 2007 April 11

I got the next installment today at Reader's feast/ Melbourne. It's called Crust and Crumb. It was also $30. I think Amazon is great for some, but I don't use credit cards and the book was there and I did have a little spare cash. 210 pages. Looking forward to a good cup of tea and a read. Didn't feel threatened by his spiritual leanings. Regards.

jbaez13 2007 January 28

I have this book, and I love it. I got mine for 3 U.S. dollars on Amazon, so I wouldn't recommend buying it for 30.

aaronmfabun 2007 January 29

get it on Amazon....much cheaper

a great read...

these are some of his earliest and most simple recipes ...

it does however have a recipe for Struan ...a "Scottish Harvest Bread"....that i sell by the truckload at my bakery here in California...

if you like a bit of metaphor and spiritual input with your bread....this is the book for you....

but dont pay $ can get it cheaper

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