welcome / sourdough picz / 1st post here


hello all -

im new.

welcome me!...lol

i am a bread life devotee...

...i bake at work....

production manager and daytime baker for a medium sized wholesale artisan bread/viennoiserie and pie/cookie/cake/scone/muffin bakery

...i bake at home....

which is really fantastic...i get to make all of the breads that i dont make at work and try new things, and just overrall enjoy the art and taste of bread...

i have had a few days off for the end of the year - so amongst other things i made the San Francisco sourdough recipe from Crust and Crumb by Reinhart...

only i used my sourdough starter (instead of making the one from the book) to make the firm starter for the recipe...

here are a few picz from todays home bake....

pic with no flash on top of my kitchen stove (all four loaves)...it was easier to see crumb formation wthout the flash...


a view of one of the loaves (rt bottom) from the above picture with flash


ive been looking for a good bread forum to post on so i thought id get started here....

i have a few more picz from todays bake i may post if anyone is interested...

take care


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Latest Fad 2006 December 31

Hello - obviously a very clued up baker. Loved your photos - I haven't worked out how to put photos on yet - but my daggy tinned bread just looks like .....daggy tinned bread - but tastes good. Happy new year! You're already flying. Latest Fad.

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Graham 2006 December 31

Welcome Aaron,

So many posts from one user, at first I thought I would be spending New Years Eve deleting spam (Australia - 4 hours to go) . But no, this is simply a baker showing passion for the craft of baking. Welcome to the forum where you will meet many others high on the smell of baking dough up their nostrils. Do you have a New Year's Resolution?


aaronmfabun 2007 January 2

thanks for the welcome!

i appreciate each and every moment of life as it comes, so i dont have a declared new years resolution per se....

but i definitely plan to continue to work on being the best husband, father, and baker that i can be ...

to continue to learn and be willing to change and grow ...


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TeckPoh 2007 January 3

Because of my loading difficulties, I didn't click on AaronMFabun's posts, thinking they were spams too, lol!!! Welcome! And, Latest Fad, welcome to you too! I think some of us have developed some spamphobia. Catch up with you guys when I can. I can hear beautiful breads calling me even through a bad line.

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