How much is "one cup"?

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Some American Lady wanted me to translate a bread recipe into "English measurements" so she can give it to her friends.

I had to ask her "English" or rather "American" measurements??

When checking out the subject (as I know that a cup in England is not the same as a cup in America - and the NZ cup is metric now - 250ml!) I came across this lovely discussion:

How much is "one cup"?

So isn't it nice that we use grams?

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coelecanth 2006 November 11

I completely agree. I have been trying to bake bread properly for ages, and it wasn't until I had to use scales, because the recipe book I was using (The Handmade Loaf) only had grams. Previously I had been using a recipe book with American cups, with Australian cup measures. But with grams, the recipes just work.



chembake 2006 November 14

Indeed there is a difference between volumetric and weight measurements..... But as the baker or cook gain more experience he or she will leave it to commonsense to ascertain if( he or she )is using the right measurement for a particular dough he is making. 8)
Besides dough preparation does not requires absolute precision and is robust to minor variation in measurements...

Measurements for normal cookery use become pretty" intuitive' as one gains experience in it.
It is your senses that is honed by experience that tells you if you are doing your stuff properly.

Meanwhile...beginners and stubborn (by the book cook/baker) usually have a hard time adjustng to this situation

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