50/50 version of Pain de mie

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I baked a Milk loaf using Dan's recipe last week and converted the recipe to a 50/50 wholemeal sourdough loaf using water instead of milk. Did some changes and checked it with Bill. Well, here's the end product




Bill, thanks again...



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SourDom 2006 May 4

Why the blush Don, your loaf looks great!

I wouldn't have thought that it warrants the name 'pain de mie' any longer though...

using wholemeal flour will tend to make the crumb finer, as you have seen. It may also make the dough rise faster, and so shorter proving is often required. Your loaf looks nicely proved (to my eye at least)

well done


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donyeokl 2006 May 4

Oh well... now am really blushing...

Thanks Dom and Chembake, your compliment is very encouraging. Yes, I realise the crumbs are finer and seems to be on the moist side. What would be of it, if I were to increase the percentage of wholemeal flour. Do I still proof the dough as per what I did? I would like to have your comments on my proofing/rising sequence:

After mixing, I did the 15 secs every 10 mins interval kneading thingy then rest dough for 10mins and did the stretch and fold. I left it for 30 mins then stretch and fold and back to the bowl for another 30 mins. After this, I shape it into a baton and place dough into loaf tin, covered with cloth. I proofed it for about 1.5 hours till dough touch the cloth then into the oven at 230C for 10 mins then 190C for another 25 minutes or so.

Thanks guys...



SourDom 2006 May 4


as you know, generally sourdough timings are much longer than yeasted bread, but the exact time will depend on the activity of your starter, and the ambient tmeperature at which you are proving your dough.

Bulk fermentation.
I would usually fold every hour for 4 hours or so
Every time that you fold the dough - before you do so slash it with a sharp knife. When you see a rich network of bubbles it is ready to be shaped

Time is more variable. My standard time is again four hours, but often I will bake earlier - particularly with wholemeal/rye loaves.
You will get a bit of a feel by the volume (has it 'doubled'?), and by poking it (if the indentation that you have made disappears quickly, the gluten is still very elastic, and it probably will cope with longer). It is a bit of trial and error, and to be honest I usually know that I have waited too long only after I have ended up with a pancake...

In the case of this dough I would probably stretch out the rise in the first stage by an hour or two. It sounds and looks as though you probably picked the right time to bake after the second rise, though I wonder if it was a little underproved, and could have done with longer (say 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours?)

Crumb is often moister with wholemeal loaves. I think that perhaps they need a bit longer to bake, and also tolerate less well if you have been naughty and cut into a warm loaf! You probably could have extended the bake at 190C for another 10 mins


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