Gathering: Bake for the Markets

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You are invited to a sourdough bake on Friday 11 August 2006, at [url=]Boonderoo Farm[/url].

We are baking for the Albury/Wodonga markets held the next morning. Bakers of all levels (inc. beginners) are welcome. Your role is to assist with the scheduled bake, or just watch if you prefer. Graham will be there, and Gabi, Thomas, Sabine and Viviane will be baking a range of organic sourdough bread.

Early birds can arrive for dinner on Thursday 10, at 6pm. Some preparation of pumpkin and leaven will occur after dinner. Otherwise please arrive by 10am on Friday 11 for the start of the bake. Caravan accommodation is provided. Please bring a sleeping bag. Food is also provided.

After Saturday's market we will all go and reward ourselves and eat a meal together, paid for of course by our baking efforts.

Cost of attendance is $220.
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Gabi, Thomas, Sabine and Viviane are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Plus they have a great woodfired oven (!). Hope to see you there.


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TeckPoh 2006 April 22

This sounds such fun! Whaddya'll waiting for?

I wouldn't be able to make it, though. Better chances for me if such events fall in November/December, being our long school hols. Hint, hint.

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TeckPoh 2006 August 23

Gosh, how time flies! Anyone went? Maedi? Is there going to be a write-up?

We must plan one where we can get together and have a jolly good baking time. Perhaps, when somebody's woodfired oven is up and ready? Eh?

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Graham 2006 August 23

We had one enrolment and had to cancel the gathering. Possibly we need 'open ovens' days, just like the open gardens events. Graham

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