Really love that photo on the homepage !

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You know, the photo of "Ken and Tomas from St Andrew's Bakery in Victoria" is such a happy pic - it always makes me smile.  The guys in the photo make me think of the old fairy tale about the Shoemaker's Elves, where the cheerful elves would come out at night and make all the shoes while the shoemaker slept.  I reckon the elves could have looked just like these bakers.. :)

Graham, did you take the photo ? (And please, no offence intended !!)

Cheers, Celia
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Graham 2008 April 9

That's Ken Hercott and Tomas Lourenco of St Andrew's Bakery in Victoria, 1 - 2 hours North of Melbourne. Ken has worked on the land a lot as a grower and miller. He has a lot of baking experience both overseas and in Australia. I think Tomas is a traveller from Sweden...and if I am wrong hopefully he will read this and correct me.

I took some video of these wild boys baking last year...and should get a chance to review it in a month or so when we move to a new office.

St Andrew's bake once a week on a Friday night and you can catch Ken and/or Tomas at CERES Market, early on Saturday morning. Be there by 9am because most of the bread is gone by 10am.

Ken is heading to France soon on a big baking trip. He is keen to report back via the blog so keep an eye out for his updates.
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celia 2008 April 9

Ha !  That's very noncommital of you, Graham.  Don't you agree that they could be the Shoemaker's Elves ?  Either way, they look like really nice guys...and as I said, the photo makes me smile..

Am looking forward to seeing the video..

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Fire Beard 2008 April 11
That is a really cracking photo of two chaps who look like they enjoy working together and would be a real pleasure to work along side.

It always stricks me as a realy happy photo.


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