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I am new to sourdough baking and I have followed SourDom's beginner blog.

Having fed my starter for 7 days now, it is active beyond any descriptions I have read. It doubles in 3-4 hours and after 12 hours it is growing out of my jar (3-4 times original volume). I live in Oslo.

My question is: what kind of feeding schedule should I use now. Should I still feed every 24 hours in room temp? I am afraid it is way past peak then. For the last days I have had to put it in the fridge to avoid starter all over my kitchen bench.

Appreciate any inputs!
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TeckPoh 2008 April 7

with this wonder starter???

If you don't have any such intention, then you must keep the starter in the fridge. It should pep up after one refreshment before a bake. Shh....don't let it hear you say it's past its prime peak.

If you keep feeding (is it a him or a her?), you'll

a) end up with lots of starter
b) throw away a lot

Oh....a warm welcome to you, Carlos!
Carlos74 2008 April 7
Thanks TeckPoh,

I guess I'll try to bake with it - I just thought I'd keep refreshing it once a day for another week for the flovours to develop...(?).

Anyway, here is a picture of the starter less than 12 hours after refreshment. The peice of tape on the side of the glass indicates the initial size.

I'll get back with some pics of the final bread...
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celia 2008 April 7
Stick it in the fridge, Carlos.  :)

What I do is this : once a week, I take the container of starter out of the fridge, tip some out into a bowl, and feed it up for the next day's bake.  Then I also stir some flour and water into what's left in the fridge container, and stick it straight back into the fridge.  Some people will leave the container on the bench for a little while, but I've never needed to.

Sounds like an amazing starter you've got there.  Does it have a name ?  My starter is called Priscilla, and she's the queen of the fridge.

The flavours will develop with time, and you'll also get a better feel for your starter.  I used to be terrified of killing it - now I leave it in the fridge for weeks at a time unattended.  It's pretty resilient ! (Thanks to Teresa at NW Sourdough - her NW Starter is an absolute doozy).
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LMAshton 2008 April 7
Hi Carlos and welcome!  I'm new here, too.  :)

That's beautiful starter you've got there.  From what I've been reading, you don't need to keep a lot of starter on hand - perhaps a couple of tablespoons or so unless you're doing a lot with the starter.  And if you need a lot of starter for a huge batch you're planning, then feed it just prior to when you need it. 

I've already made a sourdough bread with my starter at day 6 and I'm making two more batches today at day 8.  The one on day 6 had nice flavour, not too strong (I don't like really strong sourdough flavour, so I thought it was great).  I say give it a try now and see what you think.  :)

But I'm also an evil enabler.  :p
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TeckPoh 2008 April 7

Anyway, here is a picture of the starter less than 12 hours after refreshment. The peice of tape on the side of the glass indicates the initial size.


Now, that is WILD!

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