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I live in Adelaide suburbs (south) and am a weekly sourdough baker.  I have a 6 month old 60/40% AP/Rye active healthy starter (raised using SourDom's instructions). My problem is sourcing rye flour in Adelaide.  My source, Peter Van, no longer stocks bread flour, which is sad, as it is not possible to purchase rye flour in supermarkets here.  The only other place I know of is at the central Market, but I have had problems with weevils in the binned flour.

Does anyone local in Adelaide have any other known sources in or around Adelaide?  I only bake a smallish loaf weekly, so don't want to buy in great bulk.

Thanks for any input. Am happy to buy online as a last resort.



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farinam 2013 June 22

Hi Shoshanna,

I get mine from my local Health Food Shop (I'm not in Adelaide though but don't see why they wouldn't over there).  Four Leaf brand in 1kg lots.  Check it out.

Good luck with your projects.


shoshanna 2013 June 23

Thanks for replying Farinam.  I have been looking into every health shop I pass, but so far no luck.  Will try Petanque's suggestion also.


Sue Lake 2017 December 12


I buy FourLeaf  Rye Flour from North Adelaide Romeo’s Health Food shop

shoshanna 2013 June 23

Thanks petanque for your info.  And thanks again for your the gift of 100g od your starter just prior to Christmas last year.  It is active, strong and healthy and lives in the frig between bakes.  I usually try to bake a different loaf each week.  I also raised SourDom's starter from this site just for the experience, and that one is also very healthy.  Never use instant yeast these days.

Once again thank you.


Kbone 2021 April 15

You could try Suntralis Foods in Lonsdale.

Store Location
7/61 O’Sullivan Beach Road, Lonsdale SA 5160

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