pizza flour from old Napoli

Lots of pizzarias outside of Napoli are using this flour.  I was intriqued, so I emailed them a line and they got back to be right away with the name and phone number of the local distributor.  I should be getting some in the next couple of weeks.  If you're interested you could email them, etc. 

Has anybody experience with this flour?  It's the kind you can flip and shape in the air!!!  I love Pizza.
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doughman 2008 November 30
Hi Panevino,

I don`t have experience with this brand of flour, but I have experimented using this type of flour (type 00 or Caputo flour of another brand) when I made pizza with it, and I must say that I did noticed a difference in the texture after eating it.  The pizza crust was crispy and tender.  The crust was not hard or tough after bitting on the edge or rim of the pizza, and the texture was light and chewy.  As for flipping and shaping in the air?  I usually shaped my pizzas by hand.  I don`t use type 00 as often as I like because it costs about $2 US per kilo.
Panevino 2008 November 30
Hi Doughman,

Sounds good.  Can't wait.  As to the price, I'm paying Can 2.25/kg already for organic stuff.  I don't know the price of the Caputo yet.  Now all I need is a 900 degree wood buring oven.  Mmm.


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