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I'd like to ask your opinion on a new feature.


At the moment, recipes are hidden in the forum. I don't think an outside visitor would be able to find them intuitively. To fix this, I'd like to propose a separate recipe area, specifically designed for displaying recipes. A big link at the top of the site 'Recipes' would point to the following page:

Also, try creating a recipe: (must be logged in)

I think a big thing is that there's currently no way to organise recipes by type ( Levains, Olive Breads, General food, etc.) I think deeper categories would help greatly, instead of sorting recipes by 'last reply' as the forum does.
These pages are just a sketch and existing recipes haven't been loaded in yet. I'd really like to know what you all think about this new area. Especially how you'd like to display the recipes. For example, if you take a look at the "Butterfly Soup" recipe, the page is broken down into 'Ingredients', 'Instructions', 'Additional Notes' etc. It could be a lot simpler, letting the recipe author control their own sections. The new recipe area will also make it possible to show recipes on the front page.

BTW. Is the Summary feature, that multiplies the amount of ingredients, necessary?

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PaddyL 2008 August 3
I'd love something like this, being fairly new to sourdough and always on the lookout for recipes, tips, hints, that sort of thing.  I've seen some magnificent pictures posted by members, and would love to be able just to go and find the recipes.  Sounds very, very good.
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TeckPoh 2008 August 3

of locating recipes is GOOD. Thanks for making our lives easier, Maedi.

Sometimes, we share a recipe in the middle of a thread. Should we add the recipe to the new section instead? Or link?

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Maedi 2008 August 3
I think adding recipes into a central location is the best approach for the long term, however this brings up a problem. Having a recipes area could incline people to put their recipe there instead of in a forum post. This could break the current forum flow, if you know what I mean. I think recipes should still be posted in the forum, escpecially in the context of a topic e.g. "Hey, try this instead". Whatever comes naturally to people is probably the way to go.

Linking to a recipe in a post is also a good approach, or just pasting the recipe in both places.

TP, is the feature that multiplies the recipes ingredients, useful?

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