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StretchNFold 2015 July 27

Not to sound overly critical but... $40 including delivery for 1 small banneton to be delivered to Melbourne is very expensive... Glad I did my banneton buying in Europe before I moved back to Australia because for $40 I could get about 4 well made bannetons... I guess that is just the sign of the times here in OZ and how high a price we pay for everything.

Staff 2015 July 28

Hi Stretch. A fair comment if you are travelling to Europe and don't count travel/time as a cost. That is not a realistic situation for most of us. We include a level of quality control; bannetons with cane/construction quality below an acceptable level are removed and sold as 2nds. We have found even the best European sources can have issues. Plus we send our goods registered, trackable or Express, which is more expensive but very reliable.

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