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hi my name is pat i have never made sourdough bread but wood like to learn how.

will give you a recipe of the bread I make at home it is simply and very tastey.

ingredients are

orgarn self raising flour

white rice flour

brown rice flour

arrowroot flour

wards baking powder

3 eggs

2 cups of soya milk

2 dessert spoons of nuttelex marge

preheat oven to 200 get tin ready

have two bowls ready  one for dry and one for wet.

add all dry ingredients in to large bowl mix

crack eggs one at a time and put in to small bowl then add marge and milk and mix.

add wet to dry and mix well, place in tin and put in oven for 20, 25 minutes, when cooked take out

and rest on side till cold and then cut, you can frezze if you want to I do please enjoy the recipe, i have others

if you would like, thank you.

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JODoughMaker 2011 September 17

 Pat, there is another thread on the subject of beginning  your own starter, and how to take care of it. It is simple with a few guidelines.


You can start with flour and water, some will say 1 cup of each, but I would describe the results to be like thick pancake batter. 

Use a very clean bowl, or Tupperware container, and cover the top loosely, and place in a warm spot of your home. 

Check on it each day to be sure it isn't drying out. Once you start to smell the change, and see some bubbles forming, you will be on the right track. 

You can feed it with a little flour, and just enough water to maintain the thick pancake batter consistency. Depending on the temperature, you might see the change in a few days. I had to put my bowl on top of my DSL modem to get it warm enough to kick off. 

Find the other threads on making your first starter and read some of the comments. Many of us had our doubts about what we were doing, and I think that some of the problem is that we are all in different areas of the country, and world. What feels warm to me, would feel hot to some others. The temperature needed to speed the process up, might be a bit warmer than what would be found in some homes, such as mine. We have the A/C for most of the year in Florida. I got my starter going by putting on top of my DSL modem, but now I only keep it in the warmest room in my home. I feed it nearly every day.

I made my first really wonderful sour dough Italian bread last night after coming home from work. I used a recipe from a book a friend told me to buy. It is a wonderful book because it has so much useful information, and is not just a book of recipes. Title "Secrets of a Jewish Baker" by George Greenstein   It is a book to keep for a lifetime. I found it for a few dollars on EBay, but it can also be found used on Amazon.  Good luck..   Joe

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