flour to feed the starter


What kind of flour do you use to feed the starter?



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Johnny 2010 May 30

 Hi Lisette.

You can use any plain flour. I tend to feed my starter the same flour I will use in the final dough and in the same proportions if I am mixing different types of flour. For example if I am making a white sourdough with 20% wholemeal flour then I will feed the starter an 80/20 mix of Baker's plain white flour and wholemeal flour. 

So generally you can feed your starter with the same flour you are baking with and it will do fine.



Alie0Bronwynn 2010 June 2

Hi Lisette,


I got the most active starter by using at least 30% Rye flour - and the rest I do unbleached white flour. 


Good luck!!


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