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 I made TechPoh's Sourdough Pain de mie  recipe this week, and typical of my other attempts at using milk, was way under hydrated.   I weigh my ingredients, and I never seem to be able to get sufficient hydration using milk, when using the typical 1-2-3 formnula.

I always have to add more milk or less flour to get the proper hydration.

 I also have a milk starter that requires I add about 25% more milk to keep the same apparent hydration as my water fed starter.  

I haven't found any direct reference to calculate the additional needed for milk to sufficiently hyrdate.

Does anyone have any insight to similar experience?








n00b 2011 December 5

I hope I am not on the wrong track here and please take this more as an idea than advice as I have no experience with milk doughs and am relatively new to sourdough baking (but LOVING it!)


Is it possible that the volume of the milk, being 85 - 90% water and therefore 15 - 10% protein, sugars and other elements and vitamins, needs to be adjusted so that you are still effectively getting the same volume of water from milk, as you would using water? This would result in requiring a higher volume of milk than if you were to prepare the recipe with water.

**disclaimer....I am using the word volume loosely as I am assuming that you weigh the ingredients.


chazzone 2012 February 3

 I'm sure that you're right, but I'm using more than 15% additional milk (by wt.) to get the same apparent hydration.  Typically, this is 25% or more.

I've moved on from the milk breads (actually sourdough cinnamon rolls) for a while.  But, I'll be back to them again.  So, I'll have additional data.

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