Is yeast rancid


7 days ago got a very good active sourdough yeast, bubbling away etc. Have fed x2. After each feed leave it at room temp no lid then into fridge. Now we make first loaf with this culture. Culture is alive and bubbling. Smells sweet. But tastes acidic. Now made bread, it has a cheesy taste. My wife thinks culture is off. I have had a taste left over that's not what I normally get.


any thoughts please.

a few notes that might help

culture made using plain flour and warm tap water. In a plastic container with no lid. No excess fluids. All looks good.

used a bread maker as short of time. So tonight will hand make and oven bake...the proper way.

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farinam 2016 August 28

Hello anonymous,

If the sourdough looks and smells OK and is active then it should be OK.  It certainly should taste acidic.

It is a bit hard to imagine what a 'cheesy' tasting loaf would be like or what might have caused that problem unless there was some other sort of contamination in the preparation and baking of the dough.

As an aside, perhaps consider getting a glass container with a loose fitting or partly sealed lid rather than using a plastic container just in case something nasty can leach out of the plastic.  At least, cover the container with cling film or similar to minimise the chances of contamination with fungi, molds etc.

Let us know how your next (proper) loaf went.

Good luck with your projects.


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Millciti 2016 September 7

So how long did you wait before you baked the bread?  How did it rise?  How did you make your starter?  Do you normally use packaged yeast to make bread?  Has the heat in your home been abnormally hot?  Was the next batch any better?



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