Why Doesn't my Bread Open at the Score?


Why Doesn't my Bread Open at the Score?

2nd and 3rd, 4th photos are the bread I made before. They are ok, but 1st photo is not good. Sometimes my breads are like the 1st photo. Why could ıt be?

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Shiretor 2021 February 17

I would suggest that for the bread in the top photo, the first part of the bake has been in a moist steamy atomosphere for a little longer than the other breads.  The result of this is that the loaf fully expands before the crust begins to set.  Whereas in the other breads if the crust starts to form a little before full oven spring has taken place then the remaning expansion tends to force the score to open up more fully.  You can see this with the broken strands of gluten at the side of the scoring.    Not sure of your method of baking, is it in a dutch oven ?    If so then maybe removing the lid a little earlier during the bake would help.   Other than that the only other expanation I can think of is the top bread was just a little more proofed.  


abc 2022 December 8

Shape the dough earlier.

This is caused by scoring too deep in relative to the dough strength.

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