Too much gluten? Non-elastic dough...


I envy some videos I see (like Bread Proof on YouTube) where the dough is like loose taffy - stretchy, silky during the stretch&fold process. My dough tends to get very stiff, and certainly not as elastic as I see with others. I literally can pull it right out of the tub when I try to lift it to stretch and fold. 

Just to cover the basics: 75% hydration, 90/10 white to whole wheat ratio, 80 degree F. dough temp. I stretch and fold once every 30 minutes. I have autolysed anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes with the same result. 

Maybe it's just the aestherics of having a dough that stretchy, but I can't ikmagien doing a coild fold with as stuff as it is. On another forum someone suggested I need more gluten devleopment. It seems the opposite to mee, that the gluten is too developed. 

Any thoughts?


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