Starter not rising

Keefy Mole

Hello, I'm after some advice.

I have recently activated some Dyhydrated starter that I have. The first week it became really active and was rising and falling at a good rate, but since then it has really become really dormant.

I have tried feeding it twice a day and putting it in a warmer place but it it is still not rising at all.

There are a few bubbles on the surface but that seems to be it.

Any ideas or help would be really helpful. 

Cheers, Keefy



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Nicholette 2021 June 28

starters don't rise because 

a: it's cold where you are.  

I put my starter on top of a plugged in tower of 8 dehydrator plates with the lid leaned on top.  This creates a nice environment so I get double in a few hours. I also do this for me stretch and fold intervals.


b: you're not discarding enough or at all.  

never discarding your starter is like trying to breath with only carbon dioxide.  you need to let go of most of it (i dump all but 2 T and give it some new life (flour and water)  if you're feeding 1 to 1 to 1 and getting no activity then increase it to 1 to 5 to 5 and put it somewhere warm.  use rye as the feed and it'll go nuts.


also I do NOT use tap water.

good luck to you.

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