Sourdough starter turned to vinegar?


hello all!

After leaving my starter out of the fridge without feeding it for 4 days, it's become to smell like vinegar. i fed it with my usual 50% rye 50% white flour mix with 100% water, and after rising normally, it still smells the same. what should i do ?


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sourfrank 2017 February 28

Miles don't throw it away.....try feeding it a couple times a day for a couple days, once in the morning and again at night before going to bed. You should see your starter become more active (rising) and the smell should become milder. If this doesn't work and you see black or green mold start to form then you need to start a new one. If it does bounce back and you don't expect to use it for a few days, at least feed it once every couple days and it should keep. I usually put mine in the fridge for weeks or months at a time cause i'm gone on travel, and when I am ready to take it out of the fridge it has a greyish liquid and smells very vinigary or strong alcohol. I feed it twice a day for a few days and it's ready to use for making bread....good luck.

Stephanie 2018 December 2

When you feed your starter two times do you discard each time you’ve reviewed it if so how much do you discard and throw away

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