Sourdough looks great after baking but still has an overly gummy/tacky crumb.



i'm to the forum and fairly new to sourdough bread (in fact baking bread in general) 

After many failures I feel like I am finally getting close to getting things right with sourdough. My main issue is texture of the crumb. It still seems a little too gummy/tacky. The crust is ok and I finally seem to have cracked getting oven spring to some degree. 

I was wandering if anyone could look at the pictures I've posted and tell me if it seems like my crumb looks open enough. I know that's probably subjective to some degree but I don't have many points of comparison. 

Also any advice on reducing gumminess of the crumb would be hugely appreciated. 

if it helps I am baking to the following schedule:

-Mix dough 

-30mins rest 

- stretch & fold

- 2hr rest 

- stretch and fold 

- 2hr rest

stretch and fold 

- 1hr rest 

- pre-shape

- 1hr rest 

- shape

- place in Banneton in fridge overnight (12-16hrs) uncovered 

thanks everyone 


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