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We're creating a list of books related to sourdough bread making.

Do you have any favourites or others that have been recommended to you?


We found these today:



Natural Tucker Bread Book - John Downes

The Taste of Bread - Raymond Calvel, Ronald L. Wirtz & James J. MacGuire

Crust and Crumb - Peter Reinhart

Whole Grain Breads - Peter Reinhart




Build Your Own Earth Oven - Kiko Denzer


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jeremyl 2018 April 22

Do Sourdough - Andrew Whitley. Nice little book that I started out with and still go back to despite having a whole range of more detailed books on the topic now.

Oldtyke 2018 August 11

I've just bought this. I think I need to sit down and inwardly digest it! It's the thought of making one sort of starter and then kneading it into anotherdough that's phasing me. I did try it, but although it was delicious, the loaf was a flat disaster.

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Heskie 2018 October 3
On a visit to Guédelon Castle, France (where they're building a castle using only the techniques and materials used in the Middle Ages) I wandered into the bookshop and found a brilliant book: Learn How to Make Your Bread With Natural Leaven, by Henri Granier. It's in French, but with Google translate and desperation to get to grips with the method that wasn't a problem.

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