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I am kind of struggling with my sourdough baking, I love doing it, but my loaves are so inconsistent its getting a bit disheartening. I was worried I wasn't kneading enough so now I half knead it in a mixmaster, then let it sit and fold it a few times. The quatities I use make two loaves and I have one bit loaf tin, so I usually do one loaf in that and another proved in a basket and turned out. The loaf tin one is usually fine (not always). But the basket proved one always pancakes when I turn it out and then hardly rises. I don't have a dutch oven, so I bake in a skillet (pre heated) in a 260 degree oven, with a tray of boiling water underneath. I use 1100g strong flour, 600g water, 300g starter, 22g salt. I proof overnight either in the fridge or in a cupboard (its winter in Scotland so may as well be in the fridge). the rise is good and it always feels so good when I shape it, but it seems to lose its structure in the proofing. 

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SlackerJohn 2018 April 1

Hi Claar

Fellow Scot here, but in Sunny Australia!

It seems you haven't mastered the skill of shaping the loaf before putting in the basket.  That process is supposed to make the loaf keep its shape.  However, even experts still move the bread very quickly from fridge to oven!  

Confession session!  I prove the bread in the container I will bake it in, so it automatically takes that shape. Easy, and essential when the dough is too wet to knead or shape.

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