My first sourdough - bit of guidance please


Hi from the UK! Just made my first ever sourdough and it tastes wonderful and I believe as the starter matures it gets even tastier!

The crumb does not look like sourdoughs I have had before which have a lot more holes. Or will that change as the starter matures?

The bottom looks a mess - I assume this is from when I am doing the final shaping. What am I doing wrong?

The crust is wonderful - but almost too crusty (my MIL will break her false teeth!) How do I tone down the "crustiness"

Many thanks

P.S. - I was lucky enough to spend some time in Tassie a few years ago with some friends who have a farm just outside Launceston. Nearest place to Eden on the planet!

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SlackerJohn 2020 April 4


Congrats, looking good.

You will get holes with great technique and great ingredients.  THere are stacks of material on youtube that will show you how to go about it.  Disclaimer:  I have never managed to do it at home!  And I think holes are a bit over-rated anyway.  The butter runs through them, and the filaments of bread between them can seem a little underdone (because one of the surest ways of getting holes is to under-proof the dough).  High hydration (water / flour) about 80% definitely helps too. 

However, a nice springy crumb with a range of small holes (Which you have achieved) works very well for me!

As to the crust, you are probably baking the bread for too long!

SlackerJohn 2020 April 4

Sorry, Steve, Forgot about the shaping.  Hard to tell what you've done, but this site has a good tutorial on it.

Good luck!


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