Mold or something else?


Hi so I have had this starter for about 8/9 months now. It's a wheat flour based and has been perfect but I have noticed recently after I feed it and it rises and falls it forms this kind of white powdery film on the top. I have baked with it since and have had no issues. It also still smells fine, but my concern is it could be mold. Is it possible it's just from the yeast or should I scrap and start over?

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SourdoughNoob456 2020 August 31
It looks a little bit like pediococcus. A lactic acid bacteria. I can't be sure but I've seen pediococcus infections in beer that looked similar. Scoop a little out, put it in a glass of sugar water and see if a white film grows on the top. If so, more than likely pediococcus. If given months it gets ropey and spiderweb looking. Again, I can't be sure.

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