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I've been wondering if I could get some help/troubleshoot my starter, this is day 12, been feeding it twice daily, with a 50gms of a 50/50 mix of White and Light Rye flour and 50g of tepid water.

There doesn't seem to be such a rise? i've been playing with higher temp water (around 30deg celsius) as its a little cold here, but i feel it should be doubling? there seems to be some small bubbles but not enough for it to rise and fall? 

The photos attached are from 4.5hrs after a feed, it should have raised a bit by now! The smell is fine, not alcohol/nail polish smell nor is there any hooch occuring. 

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Naveen 2020 April 28

Try bottled water... if you're using tap, any residual chemicals might impact the yeast / bacteria.

bomberns127 2020 May 2

dont feed it twice a day, let the yeast have a chance to take hold especially in cooler areas, only use bottled water to feed your starter, use a smaller jar especially with small amounts, easier to see movement up the side and mark the level with an elastic band

dont put in the fridge until you are happy its happily making bubbles and doubling in size

put your starter in the microwave with the door shut and DO NOT switch on, its the perfect temp to bring on starter and prove bread etc (in my kitchen anyway)

this is what i would do

take 30g of starter and mix it with 30g of flour and 30g bottled water mix well, leave for 24 hrs, then add 30g flour, 30g bottled water mix well, leave for 24 hrs, check for visible bubbles, discard half and feed with 50g water 50 flour leave for another 24 hours, and repeat as needed, 

i always use kitchen tissue secured with an elastic band as the top when bringing on a starter, lets it breathe without letting bugs in.

 hope this helps.

good luck :)



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