can I recue overproof dough?

I started my firat loaf yesterday early afternoon. I was following the direction for a loaf from "wild feremntation". It seemed to be coming along, but didnt get bubbly.....during the first fermentation (fold every half hour or so). I left it to get bubbly overnight.... Probably a bad idea. When I got up this morning it was wet and runny! Can it be saved?
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farinam 2017 July 17

Hello Lace,

In a word - No.  The gluten content has broken down and there is nothing there to form a good loaf structure.  You could bake it and be happy with a tasty flat bread or, if that doesn't appeal, then it is a matter of starting again.  You could use some of your failed dough as a starter or just toss it and go back to taws.

Before you do that or before you make your next loaf, make sure you have a read of the Beginners Blogs here ny SourDom that you can access from the home page. They are a very good guide to getting to making great bread.

Good luck with your projects.


Loafer 2017 July 20

I turned my failed one last week into a turkish pide,filled with leek riccota feta and an egg,it was delicious

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