Can I make a sourdough starter using Indian flours (chapati/chakki atta)


Okay, so everyone's been jumping n the sourdough bandwagon lately and my local supermarket was out of wholeweat unbleached flour. All that was left were bags of flour meant for making Indian flatbreads, according to the bag, they're wholewheat. I've scowered the internet looking for people who migh've used it in their own starters, but to no avail. Now, would any of you guys recommend that I use said flour tio start a new starter from scratch?

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Kaeridwyn 2020 May 12


I've also only been making sourdough since lockdown here in the UK, so I'm no expert, but I've used atta in feeding my starter, and also in my dough. Atta is wholewheat, and it's high protein, so it's been fine, but I didn't use it to start so I can't say for sure but maybe give it a shot? I haven't used it exclusively so I can't really say, I've been cycling through whatever flour I can get a hold of! Chakki means it's stoneground from what I remember. It really will make much better chapatis than other flour if you also want to try that while waiting for your starter to get going, and once it is, using the discard in chapatis works really well too.

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