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I have recently moved from the UK to Fremantle, south of Perth, Western Australia and would  greatly appreciate some help with where I can buy 'strong' white and wholemeal bread flour (13% protien or above), preferably organic, in reasonable size bags (5kg - 10kg)for making my sourdough bread. I have been using Wallably flour from Woolworths but its not organic and only available as white flour. I have found an excellent sourdough bakery but they only sell small bags of wholemeal baking flour (10% proetien). I would also appreciate advice on the different types of rye flour available. I have been used to using light rye and wholemeal rye flour. So far I have found rye flour and dark rye flour but they both look the same colour to me. I am new to this forum but have found it to be so interesting and helpful. Many thanks.

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farinam 2016 August 28

Hello Grace,

Welcome to the forum and Australia.

One brand that I use is by Four Leaf Milling and it is often available in health food shops.  They have sizes up to 20kg but I have not seen shops that routinely stock that large a size but maybe on special order.  Two outlets listed in South Fremantle are Manna Wholefoods at 274 South Terrace and Peaches Fresh Food Market in Hampton Road.

Another brand that has a good reputation that I know of is Demeter Farm Mill and if you ask around at similar or baking supply shops you should be able to track it down.  I am sure there will be other brands if you just ask.

Good luck with your projects.


Emma 2016 September 29

Hi Grace,

Welcome to WA!

There is a wholesaler in Perth that stocks bulk Four Leaf flours and Eden Valley flours. Is called 

Born Organic
Unit 4/65 Catalano Circuit, Canning Vale, WA
(08) 9456 0988
[email protected]

I've bought large bags direct from them. 

Good luck


yozzause 2016 December 30

Hi Grace if you are in Fremantle you should visit Kakulas sisters where you can buy full bags or small amounts from their bulk bins They have organic and biodynamic there too. Welcome to Fremantle, im in Hamilton Hill. I have only just seen your post on this last day of 2016 sorry. Kind regards Derek

Staff 2016 December 31

Grace has responded:


Thanks Derek,
You have been really helpful and I appreciate your response. I have found Kakulas sisters, its a brilliant shop.  I am now much better at finding things generally than when I first arrived although it has taken me a while.  I think I am now making better bread than I did in the UK.
Best wishes,

yozzause 2017 January 1

Hi Grace you might also be interested in Freo foods and Freo foods bread  they are on facebook its a closed group that you may find interesting, ive just joined myself, hopeing to get some good things going this year 

Kim O 2018 November 13

Hi there, I live in Sydney and source my flour by the kilogram from a local bakery that uses organic flour, in white, wholemeal and rye for about $2.50/kg. I go to the Bourke Street Bakery in Banksmeadow and just ask for it over the counter. Perhaps a big bakery in Perth does something similar? 

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