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Marine Mom

Hello ... I live in a 100 year old house with no Heat or AC.  Because of the heat and humidity, I wondered if I kept a Bennanton in an airtight container, if that would help with the humidity effecting the basket or cause problems.  I've not purchased a proofing basket as yet, but am considering it.

Thank y0u!!


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Staff 2017 September 3

Hi Marine Mom,

We assume you are talking about the storage of the banneton when not in use (?!).

Storing in a plastic container could work if there was a way of removing the humidity within this vessel such as a vacuum seal, or the inclusion of a food-safe desiccant such as rice:


Also, washing the banneton after each use may assist in a humid environment as there will be less chance of mould developing if the flour has been removed. Make sure you dry well after washing. There are more details here on steps for maintaining your banneton:

yozzause 2018 February 20

i usually stick mine outside in the West Australian sun to solarise them before putting them away  seems to do the trick


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