Black bits in my starter sos!


Hi, I have made my first starter using a method I found online.  It took 11 days and passed the float test.  It was going fantastic and I made my first loaf last week.  I was very proud however after I put the starter in the fridge and took it out to bake another loaf I noticed black specks through it.  Is this my starter ruined? Should I throw it away and start again?  Or is this just bit that were in the organic wheat flour? The starter was stored in a mason jar, I put a clean piece of cotton over it with an elastic band so that it could breath. It is still in the fridge but instead of cotton I have used a piece of baking paper to cover it.  I used Gilchesters organic, wholemeal wheat, stoneground flour.  Basically just wondering if it is safe to cook with or if I should start again doh! 

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farinam 2017 August 8

Hello anonymous,

It is a bit hard to tell from the pic but they look more like bits of bran or something rather than something nasty.

One way to check would be to note the positions/photograph and then leave the culture undisturbed for a day or so and see if the spots get any larger.

If your starter is wll established and acid (sour) then most nasties can't get a foothold.

Good luck with your projects.


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