baking sourdough bread in a warm region


Hello! This question is on behalf of a friend who lives in India. Its pretty warm there these days. the temperatures are going upto 47 degree C. The recipe she follows doesnt seem to be for warmer areas. after 3 stretches and folds when she keeps her bread for proofing it just cracks up within an hour ( i believe it gets over proofed). the resultant bread is flat and dense. Though, the taste is very good. Please help with some input.

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lluisanunez 2020 June 3
I think your friend should adapt the recipes to the weather there. So, less time proofing, and less starter. And more use of the fridge...
Dini 2020 June 28

I'm from Malaysia and it gets pretty warm here. Get your friend to read up on final dough temperature and also starter percentages. The hotter your final dough, the faster the fermentation. The higher the starter percentage, the faster the fermentation. To start off, advise your friend to use cold water, and cold flour. It will help in bringing the final dough temperature down. 

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