Am I ready for bread making?

Robin Zimmerman

My sour dough starter has doubled in iess than 5 hours.  Am I ready to start making bread??

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chocokelle 2021 February 19

Wow that's great! I've been reading articles about that and they say it usually takes 4 to 12 hours before you can use it for baking. I suggest that you should test between 4 to 12 hours and mark it every 1 hours to check when is the pick hour hmmm use a transparent bottle for this experiment. 

Walter D 2021 March 1

I'd say: "Go for it!" What have you got to lose? I have made plenty of hockey pucks over the past few years, but they were learning steps. If your starter is indeed doubling in 5 hours and looks nice and bubbly, it sounds like it would be ready. Start with a basic relatively low-hydration recipe and have a go.

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