Would this be a good recipe fo high-nutrition bread?


The goal is to make it as nutritionally complete as possible, the device used would be this:

-500g whole wheat flour

-dry yeast 2.5g

-brown sugar 3g

-butter 6g

-iodized sea salt 3g

-sunflower seeds 46g


Please tell me what you think.

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farinam 2014 March 1

Hello justsaying,

By and large, how nutritionally complete it is will depend very strongly on what you eat with it or it with.  As the saying goes - man cannot live by bread alone - or something similar.

By and large what you have listed there would give a soure of carbohydrates in one form or another and if your diet is otherwise lacking in iodine, the iodised salt would be a good idea but not necessarily if your diet is otherwise high in iodine.

Bread doesn't really need sugar and the amount of fat that you are adding would have a minimal effect on the dough characteristics.  I would leave both out.

As far as additives go sunflower seeds, oats, linseed,poppy etc etc add character if not nutritional value. All wholemeal flour can give problems with the gluten development due to the bran and germ breaking up the continuity of the gluten structure and you will probably need to use a higher hydration to compensate for the greater water absorbancy of this flour though you don't specify how much water in the recipe.

Good luck with your projects.


justsaying 2014 March 1

Thanks, how much water would be needed?

Also, would it be ok to put a multivitamin syrup in the water, so it wouldn't just be water?

This type of bread would be the main meal, so I'm trying to put as much in it in one go, there would be no other food except something to put on it like cheese spread, jam or honey.

So, basically it would be like a complete nutrition brick.

SlackerJohn 2014 March 4

I'm no expert on nutrition, but I can't see much future in your project.

Despite the presence of gluten, I have never heard bread described as a source of protein.

So, low in protein.  Low in fibre (no vegetables).  Zero fat.  Zero iron or calcium.  Low in vitamins, esp C.  High in carbohydrates.

And boring as.

What's wrong with a balanced diet of meat, fish, dairy, veg/fruit AND good bread?

Cheers John

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