Big loaf


I finally finished my exam and termpapers, so I've been able to bake without feeling I ought to study instead - great.
I made white bread with beer and spelt for a potluck lunch with my English class. It turned out the biggest loaf I've made so far - looked very impressive inside my small oven I was so proud of my loaf that I had hubby take a snapshot of me posing in the garden - here you go.
I've also been baking wholewheat bread from Mick's basic recipe and potato bread from Dan Lepards recipe, with added rosemary, mmm. No pics of those though, they were gobbled up too fast

There's something about summery weather that makes me enjoy baking even more!

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TeckPoh 2007 May 28

Hi Nina! *waving*

Nice to meet you! Your bread is just beautiful and I'm sure tastes incredible too. Thanks for sharing with us.

matthew 2007 May 30


Nice looking loaf of bread and nice to meet you also. Your English class is very blessed to have received such wonderful bread.


nina 2007 May 31

Thanks for all the nice comments
It was a very tasty loaf, but they couldn't eat it all.

@Jeremy: yes, I actually do make non-square loaves as well

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